The Irpinia is a land where the wine
is not only the result of a generous and precise nature,
but also the essence of its origins.


Prata Principato Ultra, North of Avellino, is a magic place situated at 350 meters of altitude, between steep hills and narrow valleys of volcanic origins, with a very unique soil composed by sulphurous, tuff rock and clay. In Vigna place, the estate Calafè is established and it expands for 2 hectares confining with Montefredane, the Sabato valley and Tufo. The vineyards exposed to North West are, since 15 years, at the service of Calafè.

The volcanic soils rich in minerals, together with the benevolent climate, are the principal actors of this unique terroir: the peculiar thermic excursion between day and night allow a concentrated synthesis of the aromas and a constant and efficient maturation of the grapes. The plant breeding system is the Guyot which result in a density of implant of 4.000shackles/ha and has a yield of implant of about 60q/ha.



The area also has an archaeological history probably due to its close proximity with the cathedral of Annunziata and the paleo-Christian catacombs. The mysterious graffiti have found effigy on the Calafè's labels as a testifying act of the myths and history surrounding this area and its products.

Calafè's grapes are treated with extreme care in order to respectfully enhance the virtues given by the peculiar characteristics of the territory and climate. The Greco is vinified in steel at low temperature and kept on its thin dregs for a year in Inox barrels at controlled temperature. Here the malolactic fermentation takes place, before being transferred into bottles, where the wine is left to refine for at least another year before being released to the public. Even the wood barrels, for the Aglianico, are used only and exclusively for enhancing its inimitable organoleptic characteristics, which results in a special and unique final nectar.