Dedicate to my loved ones this light straw,
with herbaceous notes at start,
but prodigal of almond in its persistence,
it is the final act of a history of passion just born,
but already profoundly lived.


In 1999, Benito Petrillo, publishing expert, but also enthusiast of Irpinia territories, inspired by an act of love towards his three nieces, acquired two-hectares of volcanic land. On a sunny hill in Prata Principato Ultra, on its soil rich in sulphurous and of which biological and cultural richness needs to be preserved and passed onto future generation, Benito Petrillo has established his treasured vineyard and a unique company: small, for a precise control of the wine-making process, and concentrated, for high quality standards.

Calafè is the name, a love act itself as it is the acronym of his nieces: Camilla, Laura and Federica, whom bring within their DNA this precious gift full of passion and hope for the positive strength of Nature.



Since the early beginning, Calafè has been welcomed in the Italian oenological world, thanks to the multi-awarded Greco di Tufo and Aglianico.

The Greco di Tufo Calafè is a symbol of acidity and legendary strength, while the Taurasi, main product made from the Aglianico, extraordinarily combines structure and longevity (obtaining always extremely positive results during blind tastings).

The last arrival of the family is Kami, a Brut spumante classic method derived from grapes of Greco di Tufo: lively and with character, exactly as the niece which takes inspiration from.

An absolutely unique experiment is Altissimo Ceto, a balsamic sauce made from a cooked concentrated must of Aglianico, left aging for 8 years in 8 different barrels with an evolving life, which testify the company evolution, year after year, endlessly bound to quality more than the quantity.